Empowering Leadership in
Today’s Environment.

About Us

Elite Change, Inc. is a public affairs and strategic communications firm focused on influencing today’s ever-changing political, business, and public landscape. Since its founding, Elite Change has become a nationally recognized firm operating at all levels of the public, government, and business sectors. We continuously strive to stay on the cutting edge of all facets of effective strategy, and look expand our experience and reach through our work in emerging trends.

Our Values

ELITE Change was born out of the concept of “Empowering Leadership In Today’s Environment.”

Through the years, we have grown both from and through the idea of empowering the leaders of tomorrow. Simply put, our work, our ideas, and our passions are founded in the ability to make a difference in today’s world.

What We Do

We Do What You Do. Whether it’s a public outreach or political campaign; a social media or communication initiative; a business development or transition project; we immerse ourselves in your world. We feel that this not only gives us more insight into the needs of our clients – it brings our visions together to more effectively influence the world through the work we do together.

Case Study

Since its founding, ELITE Change has had the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities for a number of clients. Our work has spanned the spectrum from managing campaigns for public office, to public outreach efforts for both public and private entities, to issue advocacy for clients of all types. Here are a few examples of the work our team has done in the past.

Major League

Challenge: Major League Baseball needed a firm to lead public outreach and awareness efforts around the 2nd Annual Major League Baseball Diversity Business Summit and its 2014 MLB Civil Rights Game, both held in Houston, TX. Awareness for both events needed to be spread not just locally, but on a state and national level, as well.



Our Craft
Our Public Affairs team excels in our ability to build communities around client campaigns and initiatives. Our knowledge of a particular community is gained through extensive research and development work prior to the campaign’s rollout.


The Corner

9 Black Women
Just Made History
In Texas.
Black girl magic reigns Supreme in harris county, Texas, where an unprecedented Number of black women have Been elected judges.

NOVEMBER 8, 2018