Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Our Craft

The ELITE Change team offers strategic planning of communication and media initiatives. The messages we deliver are carefully tailored to both meet client needs and reach that communication’s target audience. Our goal as communicators is to carefully craft an impactful message in the most efficient manner possible.


Our team is constantly building and managing relationships with various local, state, and national press. We understand the needs of the press and the ways in which to most effectively deliver a message to them. We develop all forms of press-related material including press releases, media advisories, pitch letters, and much more.

Direct Mail

Whether a political campaign or an individual interested in furthering their exposure, direct mail is often the most effective tool to communicate with a large portion of the community. The ELITE Change team has extensive experience with the production and delivering of messages through direct mail. We are able to provide all mail solutions including the concept development, design, printing, and delivery of a particular piece.

Advertising Production and Placement

Whether its print, television, digital, or radio advertising, we can deliver all-encompassing advertising solutions for our clients. Our team can produce all forms of advertising spots, and will deliver a final product that effectively targets and communicates with our clients’ audiences.We will draft, storyboard, produce, record, and place all forms of media advertisements.

We also have a breadth of experience in the placing of produced spots. We will research current media consumption trends and develop a placement plan that effectively communicates the intended message. Our placement strategy is aimed at maximizing exposure, reach, and exposure for client advertisement spots.

EC Value: Our Work Is An Organic Manifestation Of Our Passion

We are moved by having a positive impact on our communities. We are fueled by finding the answers to the difficult questions. We are driven by the ability to innovate. Our work is a byproduct of the motivations that make us who we are, and we are continuously looking to pair our passions with those of our clients.