Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Our Craft

Our Public Affairs team excels in our ability to build communities around client campaigns and initiatives.  Our knowledge of a particular community is gained through extensive research and development work prior to the campaign’s rollout. In our research, we take demographics, district makeup, and constituent habits into account when identifying proven successful methods on which to build our plans around.

Community Building

Our successes are tied to our ability to build a community around the goals of our clients. As community builders we develop, cultivate, and manage relationships between the community at large and the organizations trying to reach them. We believe in the power of an organically built community, and we strive to develop them from the ground-up in a grassroots fashion.

Public Relations

Our public relations team has extensive experience in managing client relationships with the targeted community. Our team develops comprehensive public relations plans that effectively reach target audiences and deliver a tailored message to meet client needs. Our public relations efforts utilize both traditional and emerging communication tools, as well as cutting-edge marketing tactics to reach a particular audience. Whether a candidate for public office, a privately held organization, or a known individual or initiative; we strive to develop and maintain our clients’ relationships with the community at large.


EC Value: ELITE Change Is An Experience

We hold our clients, and the work we do together, to the highest regard. We truly believe that our successes are tied to our ability to build meaningful relationships with the people that we work with. The services we provide for our clients are more than just our work – they’re rooted in who we are.

EC Value: This Isn’t Our Career, It’s Our Calling

We believe that if you love what you do then you won’t have to work a day in your life. This is how we feel about our work. This is our passion and it is the reason we wake every day. Our work is interwoven with our lives and that makes us who we are – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.