Government Relations

Our Craft

Our work in and with the governmental sector goes back to our inception. Since then, we have gained the experience and developed the invaluable insight needed to effectively manage client relationships with their governmental entities. The work we do with government has motivated – and continues to motivate – our mission as a firm. It is the work we do today that will impact our world tomorrow.

Our extensive experience working at all levels of government allows us to view issues at both the macro and micro level. We not only strive to better our clients’ relationships with the government, but we are continuously looking to affect meaningful change for the world around us.

EC Value: A Culture Of Character

Our culture defines who we are. This is true both as a team and as individuals. We strive to let our character show through the work we do and the people whom we work with. We like to hold ourselves to a higher standard of character, and we take that same approach with our work, as well as our client and community relationships.

EC Value:The People Are Our Prize

The people who we work with and for are our ultimate goal. We feel that if the people around us are proud of the work we are doing, then we must be doing something right. These people are our clients, our friends, and our families. Everything we do is done with people in our mind.