Digital Services

Digital Services

Our Craft

At ELITE Change, we pride ourselves in the ability to continuously stay on the cutting edge of communication tools and technology. We have experienced many successes in the digital space, and we constantly look to expand our knowledge of this growing global medium.

Social Media 

Social media has quickly become the world’s most utilized method of communication. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Google Plus; people are able to deliver a message around the globe in the matter of seconds. At ELITE Change, we look to harness the power of this global medium to effectively communicate the messages we deliver. Our social media team will create and maintain social media accounts, monitor trends and performance, and keep our finger on the pulse of this world wide communication forum.

Digital Advertising

At ELITE Change, we utilize digital advertising to capitalize on the unparalleled power of digital and social media. As a whole, people consume the majority of their media through their smartphones, tablets, and computers. This gives us the opportunity to reach and speak to a large amount of people at any time of the day. Our experience in this sphere includes developing both social media and digital advertising campaigns. Our work also entails providing frequent analytic reports of campaign performance.

Website Development

We provide comprehensive website development and maintenance that best represents your brand. Our website design solutions include the integration of all client social media accounts with the client’s site to best present one cohesive solution. We will also monitor, maintain, and edit site content based on client needs.

Digital Canvassing 

Our digital canvassing strategies provide detailed analytics in real time. By transitioning to an all digital canvass strategy, our team has been able to elevate our field management beyond traditional grassroots efforts. This gives us the ability to develop and execute more efficient, streamlined canvassing campaigns.

Telephonic Town Halls

An updated take on traditional large scale robotic calls, telephonic town halls give the targeted audience a much more personal experience. With the participation of elected officials and prominent figures in the community, we conduct these telephonic town halls to foster direct communication between citizens and the people who are elected to represent them. The final product is a much more effective communication tool than the standard automated call.

EC Value: We Are Students Of The World Around Us

We are always looking to grow with and from the world around us. The world in which we live defines us. We find inspiration in our communities and strive to make them a better place for this generation and the next.