Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Work

Since its founding, ELITE Change has had the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities for a number of clients. Our work has spanned the spectrum from managing campaigns for public office, to public outreach efforts for both public and private entities, to issue advocacy for clients of all types. Here are a few examples of the work our team has done in the past.


Major League Baseball

Our Work: Major League Baseball (MLB) was looking for local help to help build awareness around its trailblazing MLB Civil Rights Game. MLB needed local assistance with generating media opportunities, building public awareness around the game, and encouraging attendance to the game and its ancillary events.

ELITE Change: The firm was brought on and, in conjunction with MLB, was able to help make the 2014 MLB Civil Rights Game the most successful installment in the game’s history. Through our work we were able to generate unprecedented levels of media coverage and community engagement around the game and its ancillary events. Through its work, ELITE Change was ablate foster new relationships between MLB and key stakeholders, community organizations, and the city, as a whole.




Our Work: Verizon was interested in working with the City of Houston by providing all of the city’s wireless telecommunications services for its various departments (HFD, HPD, the City, etc.)

ELITE Change: The firm was brought onto help Verizon develop relationships across the city and local governmental entities. Through its work, ELITE Change was able to better introduce Verizon to the Houston community at-large, as well further develop its relationships with local government and key stakeholders. Through our knowledge of the city contracting process we were able to help Verizon achieve its desired goal of doing business with the City of Houston.



Our Work: A revolutionary peer-to-peer ridesharing networking looking to enter the Houston market, Lyft was looking enter and operate in the Houston market. With this, Lyft also wanted to develop meaningful relationships within the Houston community.

ELITE Change: Elite Change utilized it’s relationships across the city to help build awareness and ridership around Lyft. We were able to foster relationships between Lyft and organizations like the GreaterHouston Black Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Zoo, and the Houston Area Urban League, amongst others. Similarly, the EC team helped Lyft navigate the local legislative process, workingwith legislators and regulatory agencies across the city.



City Council Member Dwight Boykins

Our Work: The Dwight Boykins Campaign for Houston City Council needed an all-encompassing campaign solution. As campaign managers, EC directed all campaign efforts including field operations, communications, and comprehensive public outreach efforts.

ELITE Change: EC examined the candidate field and developed a campaign strategy that included all aspects of a robust campaign operation. ELITE Change researched district data and utilized it to best target and communicate with the diverse District D electorate.


Citizens For Better Schools PAC

Our Work: The Citizens for Better Schools PAC looked to build awareness around the $1.9 billion Houston Independent School District Bond Initiative throughout the Greater Houston community. The HISD bond was the largest referendum to have ever been passed for the school district.

ELITE Change: Our team was tasked to manage the large field/canvassing efforts throughout the district. EC developed and deployed a cutting-edge canvass program, utilizing widespread digital canvassing technology for the first time in Harris County. With the help of the ELITE Change team, the HISD Bond passed by a significant percentage – helping to rebuild, renovate, and reinvigorate the schools of the Houston Independent School District. Our digital canvassing program successfully reached and communicated with over 100,000 people.

Larry Green For Houston City Council, District K

Our Work: The Larry Green Campaign for Houston City Council needed an all-encompassing campaign management solution. The ELITE Change team managed all campaign efforts managing field direction, public outreach, and strategic communication. We researched the field of candidates and the make up of this brand new district, and developed a plan around the breakdown of the statistics found during our research.

ELITE Change: With guidance from EC, the Larry Green Campaign executed the campaign plan – securing a victory for Councilman Larry Green. Council Member Green experienced a significant victory in his first race for the brand new City Council seat.

EC Value: We Fear Complacency And Embrace CHANGE

We think that we are successful because of our ability to innovate. As a team, we think that feeling comfortable is an indication of stagnancy. Change is where we feel comfortable, and where we believe we are at our best. We seek out the opportunity to transform ourselves and our work, not just because we embrace it, but because we believe it makes us better advocates for the needs of our clients.