About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Elite Change, Inc. is a public affairs and strategic communications firm focused on influencing today’s ever-changing political, business, and public landscape. Since its founding, Elite Change has become a nationally recognized firm operating at all levels of the public, government, and business sectors. We continuously strive to stay on the cutting edge of all facets of effective strategy, and look expand our experience and reach through our work in emerging trends.

What We Do

We Do What You Do. Whether it’s a public outreach or political campaign; a social media or communication initiative; a business development or transition project; we immerse ourselves in your world. We feel that this not only gives us more insight into the needs of our clients – it brings our visions together to more effectively influence the world through the work we do together.

Our Staff

The ELITE Change Team has worked politically on the local, state, and federal levels of public policy and on campaigns for a number of years. Team members have had the privilege to learn and grow under some of the best in politics and community organizing.

Our Communications Team has over ten years of experience working in the journalism, film/television, and broadcast industries. They have been involved in numerous campaign efforts around the country. Our staff holds bachelor and master degrees from very well respected universities, in addition to years of professional experience working in the communications and press space.

Our Multi-Media Team is the best in the industry. They have worked with numerous Fortune 500 and political clients to create the very best in web design and new technologies. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge with creating the newest and latest trends in reaching voters and consumers through non-traditional methods.

Certifications: MBE Certified (Houston), Texas HUB Certified, MBE/WBE Certified (North Central Texas/Dallas), MBE Certified (Jackson, MS) 

Elite Change, Inc. is a member firm of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC). 

EC Value: We Are Cultivators Of Communities 

The communities we build around our work inspire us. We think that there is no more powerful force than a grassroots community built from the ground-up. The influence and impact of a community can change the world, and our work often revolves on trying to cultivate and harness that incredible power.